The Origins of Naresh Khosla is from the Punjab and his late Father set up base in Bombay now Mumbai in 1950. His stint began in Sales with Goodyear Tyre Company and then moved onto the lndian subsidiary of Ferodo Ltd (T & N PLC) in Friction Materials, in the Automobile ancillary Industry, lndustrial Textiles and High Temperature Sewing Threads,Sealing Materials, High Temperature Electrical lnsulation and Belting products.

The historical background in Nonwovens emanates from Glass Fibre Needled Blended lndustrial Textiles from TBA Textiles, Rochdale.(High Temperature for Fire proximity / Entry conditions; Woven Bullet Proof clothing materials and Vests).

Transparency and Tax Contribution have been the basis of our exsistence.

The above was a learning ground for Naresh,other than a Commerce Degree and a incomplete Legal Education. A couple of years ln Foundry Chemicals and then onto wear Textiles on the Warp, Circular Knits and Wovens side.

Inroads were made with Groz Beckert KG/Asia P Ltd (www.groz-beckert.com)
Germany in 1987 and with their valued support and faith reposed in us presently we serve as their Distributors in serving their customers for Knitting and Hosiery Needles, Nonwoven, Industrial Sewing Machine, Awls -Textile Needles in Maharashtra, Daman, Selvas, Goa.

Dilo Group, Temafa, Autefa and Spinnbau, Fleissner were represented from 1992-2000 in the Nonwovens lndustry,for mechanical bonding and for Hydroentanglement.

Back we are Partner to Dilo Systems GmbH – Complete Nonwoven Plants – reiterating faith in us.

Since 1989 Shalini,the wife who is more than well versed with the above matched with Customer visits and now specializes in distribution and service and payment collection.

Protechna Herbst GmbH & Co KG-Germany who make surveillance products for Knitting machines are an addition to our portfolio.(www.protechna.de)
for Digital Needle Sensor –products for Circular Knitting.

Based on our continuing Passion Oppurtunities turned Naresh to be a Specialist Educationist in Precision German Products -High End;Rally (ing) Cars -High End Automobile Performance Analysis-Selection and Recommendation,High End Car Rallying,lifestyle and niche products.Humanity and Nation Building.

Shalini excels in culinary and gastronomic delights and could spin off a new venture.


To surpass in the above fields.

Human values: Analyse,suggest and profound the perfection of mankind, to improve Human and National values, to correct shortfalls in the environment promote Transparency and to protect Human Rights..

~Ask not what the Country can do for you,ask what you can do for the Country~!